Organic Farming



FALLOW - Cropland left idle to restore productivity through the accumulation of water, nutrients, or organic matter and through management of weeds.

FARMER'S MARKET - Farmers’ markets are typically held weekly, usually outside, and are a place where local farmers in any given area gather to sell their produce or specialty goods. Food sold at the market is not always organic, however the selection of organic food is traditionally broader at a Farmers' Market than at other outlets. These markets are also a great place to develop relationships with the folks who grow your food.

FERTIGATION - The application of soluble fertilizers through an irrigation system, which allows for nutrient spoon feeding of plants

FERTILIZER - A single or blended substance containing one or more recognized plant nutrient(s) which is used primarily for its plant nutrient content and which is designed for use or claimed to have value in promoting plant growth.

FIELD CAPACITY - The water content of a soil following drainage by gravity.

FINE-TEXTURED SOIL - Soil dominated by small mineral particles (silt and clay). Sometimes called "heavy soil."

FRIABLE SOIL- Soil that crumbles when force is applied. A soil generally goes from the plastic to the friable state when it dries.

FROST TILLAGE - Tillage performed when a shallow (2 to 4- inch) frozen layer exists at the soil surface.