Organic Farming



RECORDS - Any information in written, visual, or electronic form that documents the activities undertaken by a producer, handler, or certifying agent to comply with the Act and regulations in this part.

RELAY (inter) CROPPING - Planting a second crop into an already established crop. Usually the first crop is harvested before the second matures.

RESTRICTED TILLAGE - Tillage that involves only limited and localized soil disturbance in bands where plant rows are to be established - for example, no-till, zone-till, strip-till, and ridge-till systems. Compared with conventional tillage.

RIDGE TILL - Tillage system that uses cultivation to build or rebuild ridges during the early part of the growing season, and then plants the next crop on ridges that have had the top sliced off during the planting process.

ROLLER-CRIMPERS - Rolling tools used to knock down and—ideally—kill mature cover crops.